Sharp Mono Black/White NU-RC300 ALU pv paneel

Monokristallijn zonnepaneel


Datasheet: klik hier

Wattage: 300Wp
Maat: 1660x990x50mm
Gewicht: 20kg
Garantietermijn: 10 jaar
Type: Monokristallijn
  • The high performer: 290W / 17.6% module efficiency
  • Monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic modules
  • Made in Germany
  • Anti-reflex coating to increase light absorption
  • Guaranteed positive power tolerance: 0 to +5 % (at least the specified value and up to 5 Wp more is achieved)
  • Delivery of modules in 5-watt intervals
  • Improved temperature coefficient to reduce power losses at higher temperatures
  • High power performance even at lower irradiations